Biggest Mega Fortune Wins
Patience rewarded substantially
The largest Mega Fortune progressive win so far happened in the "Land of Tulips." A lucky 33-year old Dutch woman from Utrecht hit the 4.3 € Million Mega Fortune jackpot at 23:42:15 CET on June 14th, 2009, at Unibet Casino. At that time, it was the biggest-ever online jackpot paid out by Unibet Casino. As it turned out, M.B. is a regular player with Unibet and had tried her luck with online slots on numerous occasions until it finally happened.

It was a typical "Oh my god! I'm a Millionaire!" scenario. First came disbelief, then astonishment and finally deep joy. "I kept staring at my screen. I thought it was a joke. I then called the Unibet helpdesk and they confirmed that I had won the Mega Fortune jackpot!" said the mega-lucky winner. Petter Nylander, CEO of Unibet stated: “We are delighted to be giving away this fantastic amount of money! “Moneytainment”, for everyone, anytime, everywhere, that is what Unibet stands for."

"Autoplay" millionaire Friday the 22nd of October 2010 was an immensely lucky day for a 69-year-old man from Hamar, Norway. He won €3,9 million on Mega Fortune at Casino Euro. What is amazing in his story is that he sit down to play online slots without intention to get rich. It was out of sheer boredom as he had no plans for the afternoon.

On impulse, he placed €30 on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot, where the minimum bet is merely €0.01. Then he hit “autoplay” to let the slot machine do everything for him. It was a blink of an eye. One can only imagine the look on the old man's face when he saw the magical word "Congratulations!" on the screen. Little information has been released about the lucky winner, but from what it has been reported, the old man was close to fainting and luckily there was his wife to assist him. He may only regret that the nod from the Lady Luck came so late in his life... Well, at least, the Norwegian will be able to afford truly Golden Years!

Late-evening surprise
On 5th November, 2009, Marie from Gutenberg, Sweden won an amazing €3,9 million playing Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slots at Casino Euro. She was awarded the Bonus Game at 9:58PM and approached it without much enthusiasm as she was sleepy. One minute later she was well and truly awake when winning what later proved to be the largest single jackpot win at online casino in Sweden!

Kevin Saliba, Marketing Manager for Casino Euro, released the following statement about the lucky winner: “Like many of our winners, Marie was in disbelief at winning the jackpot, but the reality soon kicked in after we called to congratulate her. The atmosphere at the office has been one of great excitement and joy for Marie.”

In an interview Marie explained why Mega Fortune slot game appealed to her most: “It's very glamorous, luxury and varying play - you feel as you are in "Las Vegas" at least for a while - the gold wheels, champagne bottles, Rolls-Royce cars." She also commented on what was going through her head in the most emotion-packed 60 seconds in her life: "To be honest I don't exactly remember but I do remember that I thought that it would be nice to reach the MAJOR jackpot. Then suddenly the wheel stopped at the arrow that lead into the MEGA jackpot. Wow, first I didn't believe it was true and then I shouted out of happiness!"